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Phil Cornelius

Phil Cornelius, a recognizable figure in the RV industry joined Newell Coach Corporation on January 1, 2012.  "The opportunity to join Newell Coach is exciting to say the least," states Phil Cornelius.  "Newell has long been a respected icon within the RV industry, capturing a niche market among discriminating luxury motor coach enthusiasts.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of this winning team!"

Phil began his career in 1987 with Texas based Foretravel, Inc., a leading high end class A motor home manufacturer at that time.  In 1994, after achieving Master Sales Guild status with Foretravel, he accepted a sales position with Oregon based Marathon Coach, Inc., the world's largest luxury Prevost bus conversion company.  After three years, Phil became national sales leader at Marathon Coach, Inc., demonstrating an ability to effectively serve his clients while also acting in the company's best interest.  Selling over 500 luxury coaches totaling over $300,000,000 was an unprecedented and unmatched accomplishment during his tenure at Marathon Coach, Inc. allowing Phil to retain position of cumulative sales leader from 1998 - 2011. 

While other segments of the luxury coach industry struggle, Newel's ability to adapt to changing market conditions, quickly incorporate innovative enhancements, and utilize a nationwide service network allows Newell Coach to meet the demands of their customers while increasing market share.

Phil enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his family when not working with clients.  Phil and his family travel together and display Newell products in various regions of the United Sates.

About Newell Coach

Newell Coach Corporation, located in Miami, Oklahoma, manufactures, sells and services Newell luxury motorcoaches.

Since 1979, Newell Coach has been owned and operated by Karl and Alice Blade. Their son-in-law Pat Dwyer, and daughter Becky Dwyer, are also involved in the company's daily operations.

Newell Coach was founded in 1967 by L.K. Newell. From the beginning, the company designed and created its own coach chassis. This was because no pre-made chassis or bus shell could provide the quality Newell insisted upon for his motorcoaches. A commitment to quality and innovation remains a cornerstone of the company to this day.

Newell Coach continues to construct the coach chassis and body in-house, using only the highest-quality materials. As a result, Newell offers the most sophisticated and refined coach of its type and the widest range of opportunities for customization available in a luxury motorhome.

Newell sells directly to the customer rather than through dealers. This ensures that the Newell staff understands each customer's unique needs and preferences. In addition, Newell manages and coordinates customer service and support wherever and whenever it's needed—Newell's Customer Support Hotline is available 24/7.

With a staff of approximately 200 experienced and highly skilled engineers, designers, craftsmen and sales people, Newell Coach is a major employer in its community. The fact that more than 36 seasoned veterans have worked for the company for over 20 years is a testament to its commitment to provide employees with a great place to work. It also ensures that a depth of knowledge and skill goes into the manufacturing of each coach.

History of Newell Coach

 Few people today realize that two of the most popular recent trends in the motorhome industry—using diesel power and a rear engine—were both introduced by the late L.K. Newell in the early 1970's, a decade before they gained common acceptance for luxury motorhomes.

And these were not Newell's only innovations. Always creative, feisty and outspoken, he never let the way things were done limit his ideas for how they could be done better.

“If you're so damned smart...”
Newell entered the motorhome business quite by accident.

In 1967, he traveled from his Oklahoma home to El Monte, California to take possession of his new Streamline motorhome, a top-of-the-line luxury motorhome manufactured by a division of the Streamline Trailer Company. Two weeks later, Newell returned to the Streamline factory to have a few “corrections” made.

When he shared his suggestions for product improvements with the owner of Streamline, he was met with the challenge: “If you're so damned smart, why don't you buy the motorhome operation from me?” Within hours, the deal was struck, and Newell was in the motorcoach-manufacturing business.

Ironically, although Streamline Trailer did not survive the turbulent RV market of the 1970's, the motorhome division Streamline sold to Newell in 1967 has been in continuous and successful operation ever since as Newell Coach Corporation.

The best of both worlds... and then some
L.K. Newell's major innovations blended the best features of bus and motorhome design and construction, and then improved upon them both.

Newell built his first rear-engine motorcoach in 1969. But this motorcoach was based on a pre-existing bus chassis, and he was not satisfied with either this or the conventional, off-the-shelf Class A motorhome chassis.

He wanted to combine the desirable features of a bus—the rear diesel engine, under-floor storage, air brakes, and air suspension—with features that buses did not offer, such as a front-mounted generator, a mid-entry door, motorhome systems built into the body and chassis during manufacture, and more flexibility to custom build to the customer's preferences.

In 1970, Newell designed and built his own pusher motorhome chassis—from scratch. He used a unique bridge-construction technique that maximized under-floor storage space, creating the first motorhome with a basement. He offered his first diesel-powered motorhome in 1972, far ahead of the rest of the industry.

 An enduring commitment to quality and innovation
During the six years L.K. Newell operated his motorcoach manufacturing business in Miami, Oklahoma, he continued to innovate, always with an eye to improving the quality, comfort and performance of his motorcoaches. Indeed, many of the significant innovations he introduced are now taken for granted.

In addition, although ill health caused him to sell the company in 1973, the basic elements Newell established during his relatively short tenure have resulted in decades of success for the company he founded.

L.K. Newell's commitment to quality and innovation remain the cornerstone of the Newell Coach Corporation to this day.

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